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What Influences Garage Prices?

Are you considering adding a garage to your home? Adding a garage to your property adds both utility and value. You can use a garage to store your vehicles, bikes and lawn equipment, and when you're ready to sell you can benefit from a higher home value.


While you may be ready to build a garage, you might not know where to start. For a new garage that fits within your budget, consider these factors that influence garage prices.


The materials the garage is comprised of will influence its price. Steel and aluminum are common materials for garages, and some contain a combination of both. Steel is typically viewed as superior to aluminum because it is incredibly tough and durable and resistant to weather, corrosion and rust. Steel garages give you the best bank for your buck. However, homeowners with tighter budgets may opt for aluminum. It's the material that most closely resembles steel.


Another key factor is the design. A garage with a basic design will cost less than one that's more detailed and complex. This is because a basic design uses fewer materials and is quicker to build. You can also customize your garage to have its design match your home, as well as add additional features. Customization and add-ons will of course increase the price.


Garages vary in size. Depending on your needs, you may choose a garage with one, two or three doors. Larger garages obviously cost more than smaller garages because they use more materials and take longer to construct. Additionally a standard size garage will cost less than one with a custom size or shape.


Homeowners can usually install garage kits themselves. However, there are some instances when you need an expert to install it. Don't try to install a garage that you aren't equipped to handle. It's better to hire a professional to ensure the garage is properly installed. Keep in mind that some manufacturers may offer free installation, while others charge an additional fee.

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