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Make the Most of Your Outdoor Storage Area

Maybe you're the kind of avid home gardener who needs to have a variety of tools available at a moment's notice, or maybe you own your own landscaping company and you have mowers and fertilizer to store. Either way, you've evolved beyond the average garage or tool shed. The increased storage space can seem like a great thing, but it can quickly turn into a cluttered mess if you don't utilise it.

When you have a bigger storage space, you can't afford to treat it like your old shed or garage. Avoid allowing clutter to build by following these organisational tips with your new outdoor space:

Utilise wall space

Think about the average garage. What immediately comes to mind? Aside from stacks of tools and boxes everywhere, there will be a surprising lack of space on the floor. When you can barely walk around your shed, garage, or barn, the space isn't being utilised well. The easiest way to keep your floor as clear as possible is to add wall storage space. Shelves, hooks, peg boards, and other wall storage methods can keep things organised, and your floor free of discarded tools and equipment. 

Get rid of old tools

Be honest – how many of the items in your new storage space do you actually use? Clutter is your worst enemy, and filling your new storage space with things you don't plan on using is one of the most inefficient uses of the structure. It can be easy to get rid of broken or old tools, but it's much harder to let go of things that are in good condition. A smart way to determine what you can part with is to think about the last time you used each piece. If you haven't used a certain tool or piece of equipment in a long while (and it isn't for some kind of specialty purpose), you probably don't need to keep it. If you don't want to just throw working items out, sell them online and get something for them.

Make organisation a priority

Do you know why your old outdoor storage space got so messy so fast? It wasn't because you lacked space. Huge American barns can become incredibly cluttered in a short amount of time if they aren't organised correctly. Group certain tools and equipment together so that they're easy to find. Some people find that it's easier to store things according to seasons or purpose. For instance, your gardening supplies should be kept separate from your home improvement tools, etc.

Organisation is the keystone of all storage efficiency. Clear your space and then ensure that it is arranged in a way that makes sense and you will never have to waste time searching for equipment again.

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