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In the Market for a Garage? 5 Great Reasons to Buy a Steel Garage

Are you interested in adding a garage to your home? Although garages are commonly used to park a car, they have many other useful purposes, such as storing extra home items, or they can be used as a home workshop. Whatever reasoning for adding a garage, have you considered the type of garage? When most think of garages, they imagine the traditional wood garage attached to the house. But, a garage made from Colorbond steel provides distinct advantages over the common wood garage. Here are three main advantages of steel garages:

Cost Effective

Steel garage structures tend to be substantially lower in cost than traditional wood garages. This is because steel garages require minimal construction time in comparison to wood.

Highly Durable

Steel garages are constructed from strong and highly durable materials so that they can withstand severe elements and last for years. Over time, outside elements will cause rotting, molding and cracking in wood structures. Wood structures are also prone to termite and other insect infestations. Steel garages are weather resistant as well as fire resistant.

Easier to Maintain

Wood garages tend to need frequent maintenance to prevent rotting and fungus. Steel garages are generally easier to clean, and usually only require a pressure washer and mild solution.

Very Versatile

The material of your garage can cause limitations. Steel garages, however, tend to be far more versatile than wood garages. You have more variations in shape and dimensions, and you can easily have a custom-designed steel garage created that fits your specific wants and needs. For example, if you own several vehicles, you can have a steel garage designed to hold all of them.


While most find steel garages less attractive than wood due to the fewer color and design options, this actually isn’t true! Steel buildings today come with an array of color and style options to not only make them attractive, but give a personal touch as well.

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