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Have the Best Lawn During Droughts

Some people say that a lawn is every homeowner's pride and joy. It’s one of the first things people notice when they look at your house, and it can say a lot about how people take care of their homes.  A lush and green lawn that’s meticulously cut may make people think that whoever lives there takes great pride in the lawn.  A lawn that’s filled with children’s toys can tell people that you’re a proud parent and love kids.  A lawn is the ultimate statement maker, and unfortunately a lot of people in Australia are struggling to make one with their lawns.

You can’t exactly do a lot of yard work or maintenance in the middle of a severe drought, and it doesn’t look like any state is going to be seeing a lot of rain anytime soon. Some people have simply let their lawns die and think nothing of it, but there are others that can’t stand the sight of their brown and dead grass. You may not be able to have a traditional healthy green lawn, but you can still make a statement with your yard. If you want your back and front yards to stand out, follow these drought-conscious yard tips.

Go native

Let’s face it; grass as we know it simply can’t thrive in a hot and dry environment. Green, lush grass isn’t suited for Australia's tough, dry weather, but there are plenty of native plants that can help. Go to your local home improvement store and ask someone in the gardening section what plants thrive in these conditions. If you go with native plants, you’ll have a lawn that’s full of plant life that won’t die when things start to get dry.  

Get a different kind of garden

Have you ever heard of a rock or sand garden? Rock and sand gardens are unique, and use different kinds of sand and rocks to create a relaxing environment. Rocks and sand come in a variety of colors, and can even be arranged in certain patterns and shapes. If you’re in a place that hasn’t been hit as hard by the drought, you could consider placing large round stones strategically around the yard to still allow a little bit of vegetation to poke through.  

Highlight a structure

Have you ever considered that it wasn’t the lawn itself, but something else that made a statement about a home?  Instead of going the typical plant route, have something else on your lawn that people can marvel over.  If you like art, some simple sculptures can be fantastic statement making pieces. Quaker barns can double as a place to keep your tools, and a unique piece of architecture.

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