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4 Ideas to Get More Out of Your Backyard

If you’re looking to remodel or improve your home, your backyard may be one of the most underutilized spaces on your property.

Whether your yard is large or small, here are some unique and innovative ideas to help you to make the most of your space.

Consider your space limitations

As Houzz’s Mitchell Parker writes, “If you’ve got a small square spot to deal with, San Francisco landscape architect Rich Radford suggests turning paving in a lateral direction to your property line to create more hardscape space.”

For a 25-foot by 30-foot backyard, for example, Radford shifted the paving 45 degrees to get more surface area.

Don’t forget about lighting

While it might seem like an afterthought, outdoor lighting for your backyard allows you to use it all through the night – almost doubling the number of hours you can spend there. Consider task lighting near grills, landscape lighting near plants and ambient lighting for overall nighttime usability.

Create an indoor-outdoor space with a shed

Parker also recommends breaking your yard up into multiple “rooms” or zones – like ones for dining, entertaining, cooking or even children’s toys. One way to do this is by strategically arranging furniture, but utilizing a shed is a great option for breaking up your yard into multiple functional areas.

A shed or garage can be used as a workshop, storage space or even a hang-out spot during pleasant weather. The best part is cheap sheds won’t set you back far, and can add lots of extra usable semi-indoor space to your property.

Be cohesive

Especially for small and/or multifunctional outdoor areas, using the same materials can create unity in your space. Utilize the same floor materials and other fixtures throughout your backyard for a polished look.

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